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     Their response was very quick, and the team did a fantastic job. Professional and thorough, the cleaning standard was high, and they were friendly and reassuring. We will use them again if required.
F. Davis08/07/2024
     Dependable and efficient. Affable firm to deal with.
     These cleaners are incredible. Very meticulous and completely professional.
Sofia L.10/06/2024
     Great quality. They meet your specifications and always ensure a replacement cleaner is available if needed.
Hannah Mathers31/05/2024
     The team at KilburnCarpetCleaners takes great care in their work, resulting in outstanding results every time.
Albert T.17/05/2024
     The level of professionalism demonstrated by my cleaner was exceptional and she did a superb job. I am grateful for her commitment and exceptional service.
K. Mack16/04/2024
     Despite the last-minute booking, they were able to accommodate my requests and deliver outstanding results.
Stefan E.30/03/2024
     Can I just say, you are amazing at what you do - my house has never looked better thanks to your hard work yesterday!
Karen Wilson20/03/2024
     The carpets were in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. Thankfully, the cleaner was fantastic - very kind and finished the entire house quickly. Everything looks great now. I highly recommend Kilburn Carpet Cleaner!
K. Hope18/12/2023
     I was extremely pleased with the cleaning service that I got! The staff were so helpful, kind and put in lots of effort. Couldn't fault them.
K. Jones27/11/2023
     To make sure that I had found the perfect cleaning service, I researched thoroughly; it was clear that Carpet Cleaning Kilburn was a definite front runner due to how exemplary both ends of their services were - going beyond just what could be seen online and providing incredible results while onsite at my property too!
Aaron H.11/05/2023
     Magnificent job from Kilburn Carpet Cleaner, my satisfaction is beyond words - thanks again!
Joe C.06/02/2023
     The office cleaning was carried out quickly and professionally by Kilburn Carpet Cleaner. They completed all the jobs with ease, to a high standard, and didn't disrupt our businesses' operations. It was a perfect service, just what our business required.
Jeff T19/05/2020
     I called this company when I needed a little help with house cleaning. They quoted me a fair price over the phone and actually came in under budget when the job was completed. Wonderful resource!
Ashlie S.20/09/2019
     Their cleaners completed their service and left me positively beaming. The service really was that good. I can't stop singing their praises. Kilburn Carpet Cleaning Services are an amazing company.
K. Reid20/11/2017
     So many people tell me about so many cleaning services that are supposed to be brilliant that I never know which one to choose. However, I picked KilburnCarpetCleaners because of their extremely attractive prices. Although I was apprehensive at first, I was soon assured that the quality of their service was not compromised because of the cheap rates they offered them at. Every part of the process of hiring and working with them went through so smoothly and I was so happy with the result that I am surely going to use their services regularly henceforth.
Marilyn T.04/12/2014
     I recently sold my house and as a cleanliness fanatic I wanted to leave it looking as clean as possible for the new owners. I asked KilburnCarpetCleaners to price the job for a methodical clean and I have to admit that the price was lower than expected. The standard of work that these people provide is second to none and they leave no stone unturned. The staff is friendly and honest and totally dedicated to their work. I would recommend them highly to others.
Trevor Hall24/11/2014
     We needed to get our upholstery cleaned last month and KilburnCarpetCleaners came to our home to do it all for us. It was very easy to use their cleaning service and they did a very professional job of it. They brought a machine with them that seemed to be some kind of powerful vacuum and it got the most difficult stains out of the carpet and curtains. They also managed to get the sofa clean, which is saying something because it is quite old and was in a very poor state. The fee they charged was very reasonable and all we had to do was call them.
     For a while now I've been looking for an easy way in which to clean my home. The help which was offered by KilburnCarpetCleaners was exactly what I have been looking for so I wanted to come online and just say a big thanks for all of the help they've been able to provide for me over the past few weeks. Their help really has been the difference between an untidy and a tidy home. The compliments I've received about the home have had me taking such a renewed pride in my house and it feels new.
Patrick Williams04/06/2014
     I would just like to say I'm very pleased with the service I received from KilburnCarpetCleaners, my house looks sparkly clean, everyone has noticed the difference because although I do clean regularly I cannot achieve the results they can. My carpets especially, look brand new again, this means I no longer have to replace them just yet so that is one less thing to worry about but also what is great is the fact that if I'm too busy to do these jobs, which often happens I can now call on the experts for help so I no longer have to worry about fitting everything into my tight schedule.
Iggy K.08/05/2014
     When it comes to office cleaners, I have never had such a good company as I have found in KilburnCarpetCleaners. They are simply incredible with how fast they are at getting the whole place done, which saves the company a lot of cash in the long run, given that they charge by the hour! I have them in after office hours every day, and the place looks incredible, week in, week out! They are well priced and do a great job, so why would I not want to recommend them to everyone out there!?
Jesse Smith07/01/2014